Lean Longhorn Beef

Our Prices are the best around. We believe that quality Grass Fed Beef should not have packages include an assortment of steaks, roasts, ground beef and stew. Weights are dependent on the carcass size. Prices include cut, wrap and freezing.  *Low Cholesterol and Low Fat*



Extra Lean Ground Beef (grass fed)
Rib Eye Steaks $11.00/lb
Sirloin Steaks $10.00/lb
T-Bone Steaks $9.50/lb
Porterhouse Steaks $10.00/lb
Fillet (Tenderloin) $16.00/lb
Flank $8.00/lb
Brisket $5.00/lb
Round or cubed Steaks $4.00/lb
Roasts (rump, sirloin tip, chuck, arm $4.25/lb
Heart, Liver, Tongue or Oxtail $3.00/lb
Soup Bones $3.75/lb
Short Ribs $3.75/lb
Beef Stew $4.75/lb
Brats (plain or Jalapeno/Cheese) (6 brats per package)    *seasonal only* $8.00 ea
Skulls $50.00 (Starting Price)



Bundle 1:
4 lbs Ground Beef
1- (2.5 lb) Roast
1 beef stew
1 package of steak (my choice)  (appox 8.5 lbs of meat @ $5.41/lb)
$46.00 (save $1.00)
Bundle 2:
8 lbs ground beef
2- (2.5 lbs) roast
1 package beef stew 
1 package of steak (my choice) (approx 15 lbs of meat @ 5.20/lb)
$78.00 (save $2.00)
Bundle 3:
10 lbs ground beef
2- (2.5 lbs) roast
2- package beef stew 
1 package of steak (my choice)  (approx. 18 lbs of meat @ $5.16/lb)
$93.00 (save $3.00)
 TAX included in all prices  
LEAN BEEF STICKS (plain, sweet teriyaki, jalapeno, garlic, bbq)
   Best tasting around.    Try them yourself and let me know.
1 stick                                                                                                         $1.50 
5 sticks                                                                                                       $7.00 
10 sticks                                                                                                     $13.00
30 sticks                                                                                                     $37.50
Beef Jerky 8 sticks per package                                                                $10.00
Beef Summer Sausage                                                                              $7.00 each
Beef Hard Salami                                                                                       $12.00 each
Order today and start enjoying the benefits of healthy beef!!!
*NOTE: check for availability as may have to substitute with different cuts.
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